About COCC

Crab Orchard Christian Church was founded in 1905 in Crab Orchard, Tennessee. 

Charter members of the church included George Farmer, Thomas Aytes, Sally Aytes, William Hamby, E. W. Eblen, and Joyce Eblen. The first minister was Brother J.G. Wilson. The first elders from 1908 were T.W. Aytes, William Hamby, A. J. Howard, Mac Steelman, and G. W. Peavyhouse. The first deacons from 1908 were W. H. Scarlett, Elihu Hembree, E. W. Willoughly, G. L. Dyer, and H. E. Wright. Brother W. E. Ledford was ordained March 6, 1922.

The oldest member was born June 15, 1905 (the year the church began), Ida Lee Holloway

On August 13, 1937 lightning destroyed the church building, but not the church family. Church services continued uninterrupted in the Crab Orchard Elementary School until a new building was completed in 1938.

The church treasurers from 1909 until 2001 were T. H. Aytes, Bertha Holloway Sherrill, Ina Ellis Howard as well as Aileen Holloway Sherrill and Leah Alley Kidd.

Elders elected in 1938 were Charles Sherrill, Dr. F. A. Niles, Albert Hickles. Deacons elected in 1938 were Jesse Hassler, George Underwood, Charles Elmore, and John Sherrill.

In 1940 the church elected trustees: G. B. Gang, Dr. F. A. Niles, Charlie Sherill, George Underwood, and Roscoe Myers, Jr.

In June of 1964 the church purchased a corner lot on Highway 70 in Crab Orchard, that also served as part of the parking lot. On July 24, 1968 the church changed its affiliation from Disciples of Christ to the Independent Christian Churches, affiliated with Johnson Bible College (later named Johnson University).

Several ministers have served the church from JBC from 1947- 1997. Some of these are Malcom Tulley, Teal Younce, Nick Joseph, Fred Braddock, Herbert McFarland, Ray Nix, Stewart Garner, Ron Bushak, Kurt Parker, Joe Kelley, Dwayne Hicks, Brad Young, Tom Cooper, Jerry McCuen, Dale Crowell, Jim Price, John George, John Hibbard, Bruce Schwan, and Robin Quisenberry.

Other ministers who have also served the church are Brother Joe Thompson, Brother Tom Burkett, Brother Jack Irwin, Brother Dysart, Brother Connor Lundy, Brother George Holwager and Brother Joe Forrester.

In 1979 the church elected as elders Dan Swan, Neil Holloway, and Fred Capps, Jr. Brother Jeff Monday was ordained at the church April 25, 1982.

The present minister is Danny Smith. He preached at the church, for the first time on January 17, 1999 and was ordained February 25, 2001 at the church. 

Current elders are Jeff Tollett and Gary Haiser

2011 – Built current church at our present location, which is not far from the original one. A local Anglican church currently meets in the old church building on Hwy 70 E.

2017 – We are looking forward to the construction of our new sanctuary in the future.  It will also be located on the current church grounds.

The Lord’s Supper (Communion) is served every Sunday morning.

Please come visit with us sometime! 

Our motto is “the first time you attend, you’re a visitor, the next time, you’re family”.